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Breakups hurt regardless of how long you dated your former partner. You want to get back on the dating wagon, but are unsure of how to go about it. Dating websites are a great way to do this. They allow you to look through listings of potential partners without actually meeting them unless you want to. You are in charge of who you choose to contact and get the chance to talk a bit first before heading out on that first date. This will help to eliminate some potential mates that just aren’t meant to be and allows you to avoid that awkward blind date scenario.

Be Open to Moving On

The beauty of online dating is that there is no commitment until you actually make one. You can start by perusing profiles and causally chatting with those that interest you. This can help to build up your dating confidence again before you even head out on the town. However, you have to be open to actually moving on before you can fully enjoy the casual online dating world. If every profile you look at is compared to your ex, you may want to turn off the computer and take a break. Then, after a few days, head back to the site and get back to checking out the other fish in the sea. The best way to get over a breakup is to get back to dating.

Know the Kind of Love or Sex Relationship You Want

Are you looking to get back into another long-term relationship, or are you looking to just casually date and meet new people? It is important to establish this before you head into the virtual dating world. You need to be honest and real about this from the get go. The last thing you want to do is break someone’s heart while yours is still healing. This does not mean that one of those casual encounters will not become your next long-term love, but if this is not your initial goal, be clear about this.

Know that Your Ex is Not the Only Person Out There

Online dating is a great way to be reminded of this. You sign up for a site and within a few days, you are sure to have winks and messages from several potential mates. The signup process may be painful, but it is a mega confidence builder knowing that there are other guys or gals out there that want nothing more than to connect with you. This helps to gradually erase the heartbreak and sense of defeat and loneliness. You will soon start to feel hopeful and excited again.

Keep Your Ex Out of It

It is inevitable that you and your new date will delve a bit into ex territory at some point, but keep it simple. Just be simple and honest about why you broke up and move on. For example, if your ex cheated, just say that he or she cheated and move on. There is no need to go into detail about how you caught them, who they were cheating with and how heartbroken you were. A new potential mate should be fun and nothing brings down the mood more than rehashing past heartbreaks.

Be Picky

You will get a lot of hits and messages, so be sure to scrutinize these. If you really do not want a mate that works 60 hours a week, then be honest about this. If you do not want a mate with kids, then be honest about this. This is your time to find a new special someone and you should not settle just to get back into the dating world. Take charge and find someone who has all of the qualities that you want.

Be Patient

You may not find a suitable dating partner right away. In a nutshell, you may have to virtually kiss a few frogs before finding the one. Take your time and enjoy the attention and chatting with new people. This alone can sometimes be enough to reinforce your dating confidence and give you your groove back. You will know when someone is worth meeting in person, so go with your gut.

Do Not Wait Too Long to Meet Those You are Interested In

Phone conversations and messages are a great way to initiate knowing someone, but it can also be a bit deceiving. How you interact in person is the best way to gauge your true mate potential. Because of this, it is important to set up a face-to-face date shortly after knowing that you two have some chemistry. There is nothing worse than it seeming perfect online or on the phone, and then you meet in person and realize that it just is not meant to be. The faster you know, the faster you can move on to the next person if necessary.