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Breakups hurt regardless of how long you dated your former partner. You want to get back on the dating wagon, but are unsure of how to go about it. Dating websites are a great way to do this. They allow you to look through listings of potential partners without actually meeting them unless you want to. You are in charge of who you choose to contact and get the chance to talk a bit first before heading out on that first date. This will help to eliminate some potential mates that just aren’t meant to be and allows you to avoid that awkward blind date scenario.

Be Open to Moving On

The beauty of online dating is that there is no commitment until you actually make one. You can start by perusing profiles and causally chatting with those that interest you. This can help to build up your dating confidence again before you even head out on the town. However, you have to be open to actually moving on before you can fully enjoy the casual online dating world. If every profile you look at is compared to your ex, you may want to turn off the computer and take a break. Then, after a few days, head back to the site and get back to checking out the other fish in the sea. The best way to get over a breakup is to get back to dating.

Know the Kind of Love or Sex Relationship You Want

Are you looking to get back into another long-term relationship, or are you looking to just casually date and meet new people? It is important to establish this before you head into the virtual dating world. You need to be honest and real about this from the get go. The last thing you want to do is break someone’s heart while yours is still healing. This does not mean that one of those casual encounters will not become your next long-term love, but if this is not your initial goal, be clear about this.

Know that Your Ex is Not the Only Person Out There

Online dating is a great way to be reminded of this. You sign up for a site and within a few days, you are sure to have winks and messages from several potential mates. The signup process may be painful, but it is a mega confidence builder knowing that there are other guys or gals out there that want nothing more than to connect with you. This helps to gradually erase the heartbreak and sense of defeat and loneliness. You will soon start to feel hopeful and excited again.

Keep Your Ex Out of It

It is inevitable that you and your new date will delve a bit into ex territory at some point, but keep it simple. Just be simple and honest about why you broke up and move on. For example, if your ex cheated, just say that he or she cheated and move on. There is no need to go into detail about how you caught them, who they were cheating with and how heartbroken you were. A new potential mate should be fun and nothing brings down the mood more than rehashing past heartbreaks.

Be Picky

You will get a lot of hits and messages, so be sure to scrutinize these. If you really do not want a mate that works 60 hours a week, then be honest about this. If you do not want a mate with kids, then be honest about this. This is your time to find a new special someone and you should not settle just to get back into the dating world. Take charge and find someone who has all of the qualities that you want.

Be Patient

You may not find a suitable dating partner right away. In a nutshell, you may have to virtually kiss a few frogs before finding the one. Take your time and enjoy the attention and chatting with new people. This alone can sometimes be enough to reinforce your dating confidence and give you your groove back. You will know when someone is worth meeting in person, so go with your gut.

Do Not Wait Too Long to Meet Those You are Interested In

Phone conversations and messages are a great way to initiate knowing someone, but it can also be a bit deceiving. How you interact in person is the best way to gauge your true mate potential. Because of this, it is important to set up a face-to-face date shortly after knowing that you two have some chemistry. There is nothing worse than it seeming perfect online or on the phone, and then you meet in person and realize that it just is not meant to be. The faster you know, the faster you can move on to the next person if necessary.

When you love someone, you want your family to accept himDuring the last few years we’ve seen society grow ever more supportive of gays and lesbians, with more vocal and legislative support for gay lifestyles and civil rights. But that might still not mean anything when it comes to the question of your family’s acceptance of your life as a gay man. Getting your family to accept your gay lifestyle can be tough. It isn’t just a question of whether they’re fair versus unfair, prejudiced versus enlightened. Rather, your family’s thoughts and expectations were tied to one pattern, one idea they had concerning you from years ago — and it had to change. The question is, were they able to change their entrenched thinking? If not, what would help?

Initial Support of Your Lifestyle

Maybe you came out long ago to your family members, and it seemed you had their support in a general way. This must have been a wonderful thing to feel, especially if you see family frequently; everyone, everywhere wants to be respected, loved and accepted by the ones we grew up with. They are our foundation, and that’s why it is worthwhile to try to do what is possible to make that relationship with family a full one, one which includes you and your gay partner.

Gay And Gay Once Again

You probably encountered the first pothole in the road when you brought a boyfriend to your family’s house to meet them. And sitting there, with your guy next to you, you felt that every movement of yours was being scrutinized as if you were an alien. You may have refrained from any physical contact with your boyfriend, but what if you didn’t? And that’s the test, isn’t it: Sure, your parents gave lip service to supporting you in your gay lifestyle, and they believed they meant it, but when they’re hit with the reality of it — namely, that yes, you are having a dating relationship and having sex with a man — that’s a whole ‘nuther thing. They can’t escape the knowledge of it, so it’s as if you just came out to them AGAIN.
In a way, you did. You were presenting them with the opportunity to see you firmly fixed in this gay man’s role. The old role was probably something along the lines of their little boy growing up, marrying a woman, having a family of his own. But now the life waiting for you will be on your own terms (and might still consist of marrying and having children, of course). You’re the same man who grew up from that small boy your parents knew well, but now they have to get familiar with once more, by revisiting their idea of you.
If your family relationship is important enough to you, you should let them do it — Let them see and hear enough about you to work it through. But of course you want them to see the most positive aspects of your life and your relationships and your friends, so controlling the flow of information about your life, to some extent, may be helpful. For instance:

Allow Your Family To Know More About You

1. Talk regularly about your life, your general interests, and your dates — before you ask your family to meet a man you’re involved with. If you go out on a date, mention it and if it was good or bad. This helps make your daily life a real thing to them. This is an important thing for every member of any family.
2. Don’t introduce just any hot date to your family; don’t bring home a man unless your relationship is growing serious. The keepers, in other words.
3. Don’t bring a boyfriend to a major celebration if they’ve never met him. Instead, plan on bringing him after you’ve introduced him in shorter, less impactful meetings. Things like family holidays make for the most intense and stressful meetings we can experience! So work up to those. Once your family members have a relationship with your boyfriend, he will have a place at the family celebration. He’ll be more comfortable, and so will your family.
4. Let your family know the nice things about your boyfriend. Mention his strengths, his interests and hobbies, especially when those interests are also those of one of your family members. Pull them in, and let them know what he knows about — whether it’s political activism, furniture refinishing, dog training, or if he makes the best hot chocolate this side of the Rockies. Give your family lots of specific things they can talk to him about.
5. Talk to your family about how your life really is. Show them that you and your boyfriend have the same problems any heterosexual couple would, because whether you’re in love with a man or a woman, you’re people with similar needs and feelings about being loved. This is the most-real talk you can have with those at home. The day you can talk about your boyfriend and your family talks about it as easily as if it were a heterosexual relationship, that’s the day you’ve reached node lambda — the most “inner,” the most central place you can reach. That’s a good day, when you’ve enfolded your family around you again.
6. Let your family know your intention is to be happy. When you are in a relationship that is good, let them see that it is integral to your happiness. They don’t know how long you’ve been looking for someone, or if you are simply happy being yourself these days.

Discretion About Your Dating Life

We haven’t talked about the right of privacy when you’re with your family. They don’t have the right to ask inappropriate questions, or make rude remarks. So to protect yourself, while you’re doing all this sharing with your family members by discussing your gay life, remind yourself to watch out for anyone trying to ask or remark on something you don’t consider up for discussion. Decide for yourself where your personal sharing ends, and with whom. Sometimes it’s one particular relative who is the problem.

Parental Discretion

What goes without saying is that we all tend to do some editing of our lives when we talk to our families. It isn’t kosher to tell your mother about going home with two guys at once, or having an encounter with someone whose name you didn’t catch. If your sister wouldn’t tell your mom about those things, either, then don’t you do it. Knowing a little too much about your intimate life can make your family uncomfortable whether you were gay OR straight. Moms and dads are sort of eternal in this respect. So don’t burden them with unnecessary details.

When It’s Not Good

Some of us were born into families who never accept that their son goes with men. It may be that you can keep a speaking relationship regardless, perhaps never bringing your partner into that circle. Some of us may not want to visit a family which doesn’t accept your partner, but that’s for each individual to say. Perhaps the challenge we face after that is to try to preserve the ideals that should have been in a family relationship. Can we love others unconditionally, as we ask our parents to do? Can we take care of another person, especially a close friend, or lover, in illness or old age? Can we forgive — accept — tolerate — love, like the good family would?

Families form when people love one another. If we cannot change our parents’ or relatives’ minds enough to respect and support us as gay men, then it is vital that we still make sure we know how to form a family, by showing love and acceptance to those whom we choose to keep close to us.

When you want your family to meet him, it can bring challenges.

You should at least consider introducing your gay partner to your family — because yes, it is that important. Family ties are fundamental ones and figure highly in your personal hierarchy. While we don’t believe in fairy tales, the potential rewards of establishing a connection between the people you grew up with and the man you are in a gay relationship with are worth some work.
It can, however, also be very hurtful if you truly value your family’s opinion and want their approval. If you come from a close family, it may be very difficult trying to pursue a relationship with someone they disapprove of. Even if you’re not that close, it’s still nice to know that they accept the person you choose to spend your time with. Here are a few things that you can do to try to gain your family’s approval for your new relationship.

Discuss the Issue

The first thing that you want to do is discuss the issue. Just knowing that they don’t approve is not enough. You need to know why they feel the way they do if you want to try to change their mind. What is the real reason they don’t want you to see this new person? It could be something as simple as them wanting you to go to college before you get in a real relationship — to something as serious as they found out this person has a criminal record that you don’t know about.
You have to talk to your family and find out their concerns and why they feel like they do before you can understand them. However, when you talk you should be willing to listen, too. Don’t dismiss something they say because you think it’s silly or invalid. To them it may be very serious and if you allow them to explain, then you’ll understand why it’s a problem for them even if you still disagree.
Being able to sit down and discuss the matter can really make a difference. Sometimes, family members just need to be reassured that you’re going to be safe. Addressing their concerns will often be enough to get your family’s approval so they will at least give this new person in your life a chance.

What Do You Do When They’re Being Over Protective

If your family is simply being overprotective, it can be a little more difficult to gain their approval. Sometimes, parents and in some cases, siblings feel like there will never be anyone good enough for you. As a result, they find something wrong with anyone new you start dating. They see all of your potential and have high hopes for your future and they’re afraid you’ll lose the opportunity to accomplish your goals if you pursue a relationship with anyone less than perfect.
There’s not a lot you can do in this case other than assure them that you won’t let anyone else interfere with your plans for the future. It may help if you explain to your family that your partner encourages you to pursue your goals. For example, maybe they encourage you to go to college or to go after that job promotion you’ve been working hard to get.
When your family sees that this person wants the same things for you that they do, they may be more willing to accept and approve of your new relationship.

What If They Have a Legitimate Reason to Not Approve

Occasionally, there will be a legitimate reason why your family does not approve of your new relationship. In this case, you’re going to have a harder time getting their approval but don’t give up. A lot will depend on what the reason is.
For example, some families disapprove when there is a big difference in your ages. In many cases, dating someone much older than you are can cause serious issues especially if you’re still very young. They may also be concerned if the person you’re dating has several children they don’t see often, have been married and divorced two or three times or if they have a criminal record.
Anytime your family has a legitimate reason for not approving of your new relationship, it would be wise to listen to what they have to say. This doesn’t mean that you have to agree with them but they may know more about the person than you do. After discussing the situation with them, you can make your decision as to whether or not you want to continue with the relationship.
If you do continue to see the person, you can consider seeking the help of a counselor. Many times, they can help find ways for everyone to accept someone’s past and move on based on future actions.

What Not to Do

It’s not a good idea to tell your new partner every single detail about why your family does not approve of your relationship, at least not at first. This could cause hard feelings between them unnecessarily. Instead, try to work the problem out with your family.
However, if things don’t work out and your family still disapproves but you want to continue dating the person, then you should let them know there is a problem you haven’t been able to do much about. This way, they’ll know what to expect when they meet your family.

Don’t Create Problems Unnecessarily

When starting up a new relationship, you don’t want to create problems unnecessarily. Every couple has disagreements and it’s natural to get aggravated with your partner sometimes. When this happens, you want to talk to someone that sees your side of things, even if it’s not that important of an issue. Therefore, we call up family or close friends and complain.
While this is completely normal and healthy, it can give that person the wrong impression if you’re not careful how you word things. Try starting the conversation by saying everything is fine but you just need someone to complain to a little because things are not going your way. Otherwise, they may mistake your innocent venting as a sign of a serious relationship problem. It’s even more important how you word things when they did not originally approve of your new relationship.


It’s always nice to have your family’s approval when you enter into a new relationship but sometimes this approval doesn’t come easily. Talking to them and learning why one or more members of your family disapprove of your relationship choice will help you understand and know what actions to take to try to resolve the problem.
Once you know why they feel the way they do, you’ll know if they have a legitimate reason that you should take into consideration before continuing the relationship. If their reasons are not valid, then perhaps you can offer some comforting words to make them feel better.
You can even consider family counseling to help determine what the problem is so you can all get along even though you’re making the decision to see someone they don’t approve of. Eventually, your family should come to accept your choice as long as you do have a good relationship with the person you choose.

heartFor one of several reasons, some homosexual and bisexual men will choose to keep their gay lifestyles private. It may be simply that you haven’t come out to your family; but a big driving factor for many today is concern about what effect being ‘out’ will have on your work or profession, where coworkers, bosses or clients might react negatively to your sexual lifestyle.

We have to live in a real world; there are plenty of reasons you might want to keep your gay lifestyle under your hat — and online dating is one thing that helps you be private but still have the social life you owe yourself. When you sign up you should follow safe online behavior such as choosing a username that is not your real name; do not post your email, phone or other personal info, ever, in your profile or any messages. That’s basic for anyone, out or not. And doing so keeps you private until you’ve met someone you want to meet in person.

Gay Focused Online Dating Sites

On all dating sites for single gay men, you already know the other members you see online are into males for love and sex, so it’s as if you’d walked into your favorite bar — where there’s no guesswork about whether someone is straight or not and your approach isn’t likely to offend anybody. As a gay or bi man at your place of work, making assumptions about someone else could be unwise. If you’re not broadcasting your preferences, then others there may be maintaining the same discretion too.

If you live in a small community, that’s another factor that may keep guys from being open. You can’t ask every attractive male if they’re gay without possibly getting punched in the gut. While the general American public seems to believe everyone and his cousin is queer or bisexual, we know too well how small a minority we really are. Being gay and trying to meet anyone for a hookup or a romantic date in a small town is really hard.

Finding a Good Match

Obviously not all men are after the same thing at the same time in their love lives. At this point in time you may not want a serious relationship with a man, but want to go out casually. Or vice versa. Dating online allows you to describe and make clear your preferences, and to look for people whose preferences match yours. Among all the gay profiles you find there will be some just curious, and possibly some fake ones, but still there’s a wealth choices you might never meet without the internet. You’ve found more of the world.

In many communities large or small, homosexuals are apt to be victims of discrimination. Therefore there might be lots of gay guys in your area, even your neighborhood, that you don’t have any idea of because they keep a low profile regarding their sexuality. People can lose jobs or job opportunities, or even fall victim to harassment. Tolerance grows slowly, and the culture and society change slowly too. Recent changes for marriage and other individual rights encourage us but lots of men still choose or even need to keep their orientation private, at least for the time being.

How a Dating Site Focused on Gay Singles helps

If you’re one of the privacy-loving guys, use gay date sites to enhance your life. They’re anonymous when you sign up because that’s how any dating site is, generally. Writing a profile and posting it gives you a chance to think about what is most important to you in a partner or just in a date. You can get very, very specific as to personal qualities if you like, to find some singles who might be a good fit for you. However if you don’t find enough men in your search, widen the geographic area or lose a few specifics.

Another thing to consider is if you’re willing to relocate if you found a man who’s everything you wanted. In a small town with fewer guys to choose among, this may be something you’d think about seriously. You can check out different zip codes on a gay dating site and see if singles are more available in a nearby city; the site often will not require you to be anything but a free member for such searches.

In addition, if privacy is a very high priority, you can choose matches from a zip code outside your immediate area on the gay dating site you join. That can help separate your work & home life from this experience, making it unlikely anyone you know will run into you while you’re on a date with a man. And there’s nothing wrong with discovering new restaurants and sights to enjoy.

It is unfortunate that anyone must worry about being his true self. But the hard fact of the matter is that there are certain professions in which someone is at risk of losing his employment over sexual matters. One of those professions is of course teaching. Teachers, as role models of the young, have always been a target of prejudice and misunderstanding from the public. Any teacher but especially the homosexual teacher must, like Caesar’s wife, avoid even the appearance of living a life that’s not what the local people think is moral and good. Localities vary in their tolerance, so meeting a gay friend on a dating site and even going out on a date somewhere out of town can protect your interests.

Many gays who lived closeted lives throw open the door when they meet someone and fall in love. When you’ve found that special person, it makes living openly worth it, and demonstrates pride in your relationship. That’s a wonderful thing. But in order to get there and find that one person, you’ve got to go out and look — start dating. Gay dating websites are a tool today we’re lucky to have; why not make use of them?

A date at the beach.

So, you have met an interesting potential partner and want to head out on the town, but you have no idea where to go. It is important to choose a place where the both of you can easily talk while also having fun. For example, a movie is not a great place to have a conversation and while this is fine for some dates, when you are getting to know someone, you want to be able to chat and share some fun times. There are many great date ideas for gay couples that will allow you to get to know each other, as well as create some fun memories.

Get Physical

If you are more of a nervous and shy person, why not break a sweat with your partner. Playing a sport, taking a hike or heading for a bike ride is a great way to bond and have fun, but also allows you to talk. This could also turn into a regular thing if you both have fun. Make sure that you choose an activity that both you and your date can enjoy. For example, if your partner does not like golf, taking them there could be a bit awkward. There is no doubt that the both of you have at least one physical activity that you both enjoy.

Go to a Live Music Show

In the nice weather, you can often find live music outdoors at local parks and other outdoor venues. In the cooler weather, live music can be found everywhere from local concert clubs to small pubs and coffee shops. You can find rock bands, jazz bands and everything in between. Talk to your partner and get to know the type of music they like and find a type of music that you both enjoy and see a show in that genre. If you go to see a more upbeat band, you could make this date into a combination of live music and some dancing. Most pubs and coffee shops also sell some type of food, so you can include dinner on this date too.

Hit the Beach

The beach is always a good time and allows for a variety of activities. You could pack up a lunch and some drinks and make it into a lunch date. You could simply lie out together and chat. You could bring a Frisbee or a volleyball and turn this date into a physical date. Or, bring all three things and just spend the entire day soaking up the sun and enjoying each other’s company. With the beach, the possibilities are just about endless.

Laser Tag

You and your date can team up to take on another team in laser tag. This is a great way to create a bond and to see how your partner is under pressure. Most large cities will have laser tag places either right in the city or in a nearby suburb. The great thing about this date is that if things just are not going great, it is not a very long date, so you can be polite and finish the date and then head home.

Take a Cooking Class

Not everyone is a natural-born cook. Cooking classes can also be fun. You both can get a bit messy, talk about your favorite foods and then eat something that you both worked together to make. Cooking classes can be a one-time thing or it can be something that you both do semi-regularly, depending on how much you enjoy it. Some cooking classes are free, so you get to have fun together and get a free meal. Those that are not free and usually rather inexpensive.

Hit an Art Walk

Most major cities have art walks at least once a month. At an art walk, all of the local galleries will open their doors and have refreshments for those that stop by. Cities that do not have an art walk may do a local art show that is open to the public. This is usually outdoors in the warm weather and at a local gallery in the cold months. These are free and will provide plenty of conversation starters. To top it off, free food and drinks are usually always available, so you both can skip dinner if you’d like to.

Hit Up the Local Fair or Amusement Park

Adding some thrill to your date can be a great way to either make a good first impression or to spice things up if you have been dating awhile. Fairs will be less expensive and usually less of a hassle. They tend to have fewer rides and activities, but plenty to keep you both entertained for at least a few hours. Fairs also tend to have great food, so you both could grab dinner here too. Amusement parks usually have rides, games and a water park, so the both of you are sure to find several activities that you both can enjoy.

Hit Up a Comedy Club

Laughing is a great way to bond and create fun memories. Of course, not all comedians are the funniest, but you are both sure to have a good time either way. Some of the biggest comedy clubs have nights where they serve dinner and drinks, as well as offer comedy acts. Prices vary across the country, but these are generally rather affordable unless a major and well-known comedian is performing.

Volunteer Together

If you and your partner have a passion for giving back and helping others, spending a few hours volunteering together is sure to be a phenomenal date. Not only is this is a great date, but it is free. If you are both handy, helping to build homes is a great idea. If you have a heart for the homeless population, working at a soup kitchen or collecting food and clothing are great things to do. There is no shortage of volunteer opportunities throughout the country, so just hit up the web to find the ones that both you and your partner have the most passion for.

Your Favorite Spots

One great date idea that is also a great way to get to know each other is to take each other to your favorite spots. For example, if your favorite spot is a local park, you take your date there and spend a little time doing various activities. If your date’s favorite spot is a local bistro, go there and try your mate’s favorite dish with them. You will both learn things about each other and have a complete date night.

Make it a Group Date

Have your partner bring their closest few friends and you bring yours. It is a good idea to do this at your house and make it a pot luck-style night. This is a great way for the both of you to get to know each other’s friends. It is also a great way to try new foods. Food always brings people together, so allowing each guest to bring their favorite dish is not only a good conversation starter, but a great way to make bonds. Of course, there is always a chance that two guests won’t like each other, but there are plenty of other guests for them to mingle with.

It may be love or friendship, things can change.

A notable surge in gay dating is that towards forming long-lasting bonds rather than one-time hits with guys. Naturally there has always been a large segment of the same-sex population that leaned toward a committed relationship, but now a site that becomes popular for personals will find itself inundated with members who want a love interest that includes living together, and more. A lot of the specific issues fought about in current legislation — marriage, parenthood, partner benefits, etc. — happen to be mainstream interests that concern couples more than people who date a lot. So how does this affect gay dating? Answer: Being compatible matters more.

Sharing Common Interests

It means people are seeking compatibility with someone on a gay dating site, so those which either start out with a questionnaire to determine common interests, or make it easy to screen profiles for your interests, are getting more and more members. Dates are a little more like planned get-togethers than hot encounters on, or, or other matchmaking services. Things can go better when the two people like to do the same things, such as sports, books, theater and plays, dining out and more. Physical attraction, people are advised, is not the only issue in a good relationship.

Physical Attraction Is Just a Start

It is true you’re probably not going to contact someone whose profile you see and don’t feel the least attraction, but if physical attraction is all you feel then any relationship is unlikely to be a solid one. An online gay dating site offering matches to you based on compatible interests can help you avoid falling just for someone’s looks. Trying to find a love interest among the people you have something in common with is a way to find a balanced relationship, one that has the odds on its side to last beyond that first attraction.

Friendship Is A Seed Of Love

You might consider looking for friendships first when you join a gay online dating site, rather than deciding all you want is sex and all the whole package in one person. If you start going into the chat rooms with more to say than a proposition, you can find friends who have hobbies and interests that align with yours. Friendships can and do become love, often. These are some of the strongest relationships you’ll know in your life. It’s a great idea to seek out friends at least as much as you look for lovers. It’s a reason to also join hobby groups, wine tasting groups, clubs.

Browsing Profiles For Both Friends & Lovers

In general, being compatible with someone can make the relationship more resilient, whether it’s a friendship or a love interest. The relationship has a stronger foundation. So contacts you make on some online dating site may be important friendships even if they are not more right away. Some may have more chemistry between you two, which you won’t discover until you meet in person. And sometimes attraction is weak and you don’t ‘click’ right off — but if you explore those relationships too you have a much greater chance of finding the deeper relationship.


You’ll find a great deal of similarity between gay dating on the web and dating in other venues. However, signing up on a gay online dating site expands your potential contacts and organizes those contacts. Looking for men there makes sense if you want to find both attraction and friendship, and an easier method of discovering guys in the local area in general. And anything that makes meeting people more easily is an excellent thing when you’re seeking love with a boyfriend.

If you have been at some online gay dating sites and now you want to meet up with your matches and see what they are like in real life you may be wondering where you can go. There are many great places to have a first date but the best are dates that occur during the day. You will find that there is less pressure on a day date than there would be on a night date. It is much easier to relax and be yourself while getting to know your match.

Coffee Shop

A coffee shop is a great place for a first date because it is much easier to chat over coffee during the day to see if there are any sparks between you two. This is a much more relaxed atmosphere where you can relax without the pressures of figuring out what to do at the end of the night. Those night dates that may end with you two together should be left until you have really become friends with your match first. While you may have a favorite coffee shop, you should pick one that is in between where the both of you live so nobody does the bulk of the driving. At your regular shop you may run into someone you know and that can make the date awkward for your date. You do not want your date to be intimidated and unless you are ready to introduce them to your friends a neutral place is much better.

Museums or Art Galleries

A great casual date is going to an art gallery or a museum where you can walk around and chat while looking at artistic pieces. The art and artifacts are great conversation starters and can keep the conversation light and can show you each other’s personalities by the way you perceive the artworks. You do not have to get into any deep conversations but you will still get to know each other very well over a short period of time. Most of these places also have a café either located inside or near the location where you can have a bite to eat and discuss the artwork or any other topic you choose. If you like the person you could begin learning more about them and their other interests while letting them know you are and what you are about.

Wine Tasting

A wine tasting is a great place to get to know a new love interest and is a great place for a first date. You can enjoy each other’s company while trying new wines out without any pressure of having to carry a conversation. This is the perfect date for those who are shy and need some time with another person to be comfortable enough to open up to them. Since you do not normally drink the wine at a tasting, you spit it out instead; you do not have to worry about becoming intoxicated unless you really want to. If you and your date find that you like each other, you can pick up a couple of bottles of wine for your next date or to take to the beach, lake or park to have an impromptu picnic.

Sporting Events

If you both share a love of sports, you can always meet and go to watch your favorite team play. If they do not play in your city you can always find a local team to go and watch even if they may not be your favorite. It is the act of going out to these games and spending time together that is more important. It would be great if you liked the same team and could cheer together but there is also something to be said for being rivals who get to make friendly jokes about each other’s teams. You could even start the date with a tailgate party before the game so you are relaxed and ready to spend time watching the game together. There is not as much time to talk while watching the game so the tailgate is your perfect opportunity to talk and to get to know each other.

Amusement Park, Carnival or Zoo

These three are all great places for a first date because they are busy, you can go during the day and there is a lot of activities that you can do while getting to know each other. You can play games that allow you to send your date home with a little trinket of your date or watch the animals in their habitats. Conversation again comes easily at these types of venues because there is so much to see and do. If you choose an amusement park or carnival, do not force or belittle your date into going on rides that they may not enjoy even if you do enjoy them. They will not appreciate it and not everyone likes to go up high, upside down or at fast speeds. Instead, find out what they like and do that instead.


There are many things that you can do to enjoy a first date without feeling pressured to have long conversations. Not everyone is a talker and those who are shy might find this intimidating so these dates is perfect for getting to know each other without the need to have serious conversations. Once you decide you both want to see each other more then you can have those long drawn out conversations that seem to last forever.